Friday, March 25, 2011

Finished for Friday, Roadtrip prep edition.

Heading out of town for the SC run this time with the kids.

My mom was released last week from what we had hoped would be a 30 day step down stay at a nursing home. Instead we were given the option of leaving at 10 days but with 30 days of daily home health coverage for setting up the daily IV of antibiotics, and helping her with a bath/ get settled for the day. It seems almost insane that she has been in either a hospital or rehab unit since Dec 6. Very, very thankful for the ongoing (and well used) insurance care she has and the options it bought us.

Brian and I have to discuss and figure out how much it would cost of this type of in house care costs. He wants to continue working on the same surgery team and not change to a later am rotation. Brian currently works 4 x 3 schedule with 10 hour days. Dialysis days are covered but we really cannot leave her alone if he is not there. A lot to discuss over a short weekend.

Time for that long haul discussion again. This time involving money.

I am taking stuff to do while there for Ian's April birthday. Ben has requested to make pink cupcakes. I also am changing all the Christmas wrapping paper to birthday saving myself from having to buy birthday gifts. All plans to make it the best possible weekend of visiting and helping out.

In preparation I've been trying to work ahead this week as I am loosing the weekend usually spent on school stuff to stay afloat during the week. Not too bad in the sleep dept and given that Ian is consistently getting up around 5:30am I'm calling it at midnight. Really.

On a big note this week, I turned down picking up a 2nd student teacher and a new item writing contract until the end of the term. Yay me for saying NO when I normally would have bailed and just regretted it.

So here goes for this week:

1. Freeze ahead to take for Mom's freezer: breakfast casseroles, chicken and rice, lasagna, stuffed shells, pork loin over stuffing, steakhouse chili
2. Bunch of meetings for work related to impact of state budget cuts.
3. Trying on 11 swimsuits and finding a keeper that was clearances. The thought of shopping for this dreaded item next year makes me giddy.
4. Enrolled Ben for summer camp.
5. Got Ben signed up for t-ball.
6. Have a lead on a 1 or 2 day a week 1/2 time day care situation for Ian.
7. After 12 days ended my own version of the Hunger Games by going to the grocery.
8. Swapped the gym several days for daily walking with the kids to the park, did the one mile trail yesterday at Harris Lake followed by the playground. Ben has asked to quit walking so much after school as he's tired.
9. Managed to get out of the house two different nights. Nice to wear earings again.
10. Ian took a decent naps 3 days this week. That's gotta count for something.

All plans to be home earlier than normal on Sunday and to have a safe trip.


Carrie77 said...

Have I said yet that I love your to-do lists? I should start one. I have been SO, so lazy lately! I am usually such a busy body, too. I love that you are making freezer meals for your Mom, that is SUCH a good idea and she will love it. They sound yummy, too!

claudia said...

Think about a micro mini scooter for Ben. He would not only be able to keep up with you but ride circles around you for miles. I speak from experience. My Babycakes will keep up literally for hours. I don't know what I would have done without it. She has clocked so many miles on it that I am getting her the next size up (Micro Maxi for 6+) for her fifth birthday in May. It is ridiculously expensive and I am a notorious tightwad but it is worth every penny.