Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Un-Madness March Plan

Ah March, the start of spring, return to daylight savings time, anticipation of beautiful warm days ahead.

Also by end of month one really big milestone, FIRST RACE! on Sat 3/19!!! I had originally planned for the Cary Road Race to be my first, but wanting Ian's 1st birthday to be a family event talked Bill and Ben into doing the Fun Run instead next month.

So what else is on the agenda:

1. Work and Sleep- Chapter 912, maybe this month I will kick my own ass for not doing just paying lip service to what I *know* is my downfall.

2. Date nights with Ben and Bill. After Feb. big fail, trying again.

3. South Carolina Run- Like a hole in the head I want to go, but with my mom transitioning from rehab, to a nursing home then finally home by end of month I have to. Trying hard to keep it to only one weekend as well as things in general in perspective.

4. Co host a baby shower. Since I am most likely going to be in SC the shower weekend, I offered to take care of some behind the scenes work including ordering a cake, trays from a local grocery, and sent out the invites. Note I am NOT doing anything crafty or time consuming.

5. My 1400 sq. foot Paradise. Finish compiling Realtors and start calling to get some appointment booked.

6. Taxes- Some things I will always farm out. Met with the accountant yesterday. Please God, don't make us pay 3 years in a row.

7. Read at least 1 if not 2 books. I miss reading something more than the back of a Cheerios box. Updated my library list with plans with an earlier bedtime incentive.

8. Get jogging stroller fixed for the Cary Road Race.

9. Buy some spring clothes. In a smaller size:) Chances are for a black tshirt in the mix.

10. 2nd consult with the P. Surgeon we have settled on after much debate. Time to put my money where my mouth is and book a date and pay the deposit. Wow. This really is going to happen before the year is out.

Serious Scary. Seriously ready or at least be on the road to this goal.

Bring it March Madness or lack thereof.


Beth said...

Sounds like a good plan for the month--but only if you can get number 1 under control! I've been silently thinking you're trying to do too much. What's the point of staying home? Although if anyone can make it work, you can. I hope you find the right balance this month!

Wendee said...

I'll be thinking of you on the 19th! Yay! First Race!!! You'll rock it!

I'm with Beth. Balance is hard to find and keep (same with sanity and tidiness, at least for me). As you say, keep things in general in perspective. Be good to yourself, Heather... Here's to March!