Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old School Panic

Resolved. All good news on the repeat mammogram. It was indeed two small lymph nodes that have lost their way and buried themselves into my chest wall. Alas panic has subsided and I have just bought myself a yearly mammogram for rechecks.

Maybe I was being naive, but I really thought all would be ok. BUT, It was good to have it confirmed and breathe a little easier.

Crazy, crazy, crazy past 24 hours. Including a fantastic birthday celebrated by a decorated (by Ben) front porch banner, am doughnuts (that I didn't eat and rather sent with Bill to work after Ben ate 2 pink sprinkle), cards, flowers, a 4 mile run, dinner out, and a Sat date night this weekend.

I curled up with Ben watching the most God awful new show he loves, "Minute to Win It," the sad redheaded step child of another favorite, "Wipeout." It was the perfect way to wrap up a great 36th birthday and it gave me a super new date night idea to re-create a series of 60 sec games to stage, preschool style.

I'm working 3 different work deadlines today into the weekend. I really needed Ian not to get up at 4:47am and then barely nap so far today.

Momma got stuff to DO!

In the scheme of what those results could have been I'll take a little exhaustion as my main complaint today.

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~Kristina said...

what wonderful news on the misdirected lymph nodes.