Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finishing C25k and 2011 Fitness Goals

I finished the final session of Couch to 5k on New Years Day.

So what did I find out?

When I started the day after we returned home from Disney I was about to pass out at the 60 sec. of jogging 1st session.

On 1/1/11 I still felt like I was going to pass out, but only because I didn't stop until I hit 3.25 miles. I pushed the last 5 min at 6.0 mph which left me looking like a farm animal in heat.

Frankly I thought after all the working out since May that adding running was going to be easier. My knees are killing me and I think I need to be professionally fitted for shoes. Hello birthday gift in 2 weeks.

Using a incremental program made a world of difference sticking with running.

I swapped getting Real Simple for Entertainment weekly to read while on the treadmill. Damn if I didn't run 20 mins last week and didn't notice, getting tied up in the Oscar race coverage.

I lost 6 lbs in the 9 weeks of running.

The next step is to start running outside with Ian in the stroller. Personally I want to be able to run 5 miles before the Cary Road Race on April 9th.

Running is staying in the work-out repertoire for Move It 2011. Here's my 2011 goals:

Get to 500 miles by end of year. I figure that I am going to have at least a 2-3 week recoup after surgery. If I go for the full Monty and do all the work this year then I'm looking at 6-8 weeks out. Obviously I will find out if my estimates are within reason at my 1/21 consult this month. Starting back too soon is not on the table given this is major surgery with lots-o-lots of stitches expected.

Bill will most likely kill me on miles, but I will beat him on time.

I am shooting for at least 20 activity miles or 10 hours per week. Here's how I plan to meet that goal. I spend on ave 90 min/day in cardio and/or a class. Often both as I milk the child care for every minute of time I can get.

I work out Mon-Sat alhtough with the continued travel to SC I will have to pick up Sunday to make up for missed Sat. Serious motivation needed to drive 6 hours back and still go to the gym. I may cut myself some slack if I get home after the kids are in bed. Thoughts of running through the hospital corridors HAVE crossed my mind.

Monday- Run at least 3 miles/40 min, 60 min Strength class

Tuesday- 60 min Spin class which I ave 20 miles=6- 7 miles to count for the competition, 30 min weights or core work

Wed- Run at least 3 miles, 60 min Yoga/Pilates fusion class

Thurs- 60 mins on Elliptical for 5 miles at level 15/20, 30 mins weights

Friday- Run at least 3 miles, Barbell Strength class 60 mins

Sat- Spin (6-7 miles), 30 mins core

Sunday-Off. I typically do an extra long walk with the dog. I am not counting any time walking the dog as it is inconsistent and frankly I get NO aerobic benefit with two kids in tow.

When I look back at this schedule, which is essentially my weekly schedule I've been doing since starting the 5k training, gradually adding the time on the running, color me impressed.

Over the summer when I was wavering about going back full time someone pointed out how motivated would I be after working 8-10 hours to be in a gym instead of with my kids. Point taken and is a major reason I have loved having the time and freedom to really work on fitness as a 2010 and now 2011 goal with my extra time.

44 lbs down in 2010 and need to be at least 40 more to surgery D-day. 50 would be even better, at 60 down I would be dancing a jig.

As far as the nutrition side I and keeping my post surgery rules of no eating 7pm-7am, eating one decent sized meal and 2-3 smaller ones throughout the day keeping to a Stage 2 type diet (soft foods, limited meat, simple carbs, or refined sugar.)

I also recently added back Metformin meds to help with insulin resistance that is part of PCOS fun. Recent lab work had come back that it would most likely help even out insulin levels. The side effects have been tolerable this round and taking it at night helps.

Bill and I had our longest convo of the last 24 hours at the gym yesterday in passing each other at the entrance. When I didn't answer my phone he assumed that I had stayed longer and was still there. This seems funny only to me. We are both working fitness goals in 2011 and are supporting each other with trading time it takes to make exercise part of the day. He commented that if not at home the next logical place to find me is at Lifetime.

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Beth said...

All I can say is wow, wow, and wow. You are making an amazing commitment to yourself and your family and it is so awesome and impressive. I started C25K last year and liked running outside, but hated doing it on the treadmill. At this point, it's just not a commitment I can make. But it's inspiring to see how much it's done for you. Congrats on being a real runner now! Awesome!!!