Friday, January 21, 2011

Show Me the Mommy- The One Where I let My Kid Get a Mohawk

My sweetie is 9 MONTHS and into everything.

Earlier this week I finally caved and agreed to get Ian's hair cut. Unlike Ben with his head of cute ringlets that I finally succumbed and cut at 1 year, Ian was starting to look like he had a baby comb-over. NOT attractive.

At 9 months he is pulling up, holding with one had and stepping in place, has managed to climb and stand up on the first two steps (to my panic.) Just when I think I have baby proofed he fools me, again.

I foresee an childhood fund needed for Quick Med co pays.

Ian is starting to hold his own with Ben who has totally come into his own. He wants to protect, move and pick him up, crawl with him, redirect him as, "Bad Baby Ian." He loves to tell anyone who will listen about his brother, "IN"

We gave the boys one joint Christmas gift (Baby Race track) for them to use together. Currently Ben uses the track as ski jump for his Hot Wheels cars. Ian sits, watches, claps, squeals and sucks on the cars. Great trade off, right?

Ian's Progression from Mohawk Baby to Dapper Baby in pics.

All I need is a piercing and a bottle of Jack

Uh.. what are those sharp things headed towards me?

Nothing to see here, just a a soggy baby totally confused by what is happening.

Seiourlsy, tell me you don't melt with those blue eyes or want to pinch his cheeks?!?

All done. 1.535 lbs of hair removed, baby recovered.

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Ms Mae said...

too cute. I'm scared to cut my lo's hair.....she's 2 now and it still scares me!

Glad he did well though and happy your test results came back ok.