Monday, January 17, 2011

The Closest Thing I Will Ever Have to GIRLS

I really hate with people refer to breasts as girls. It's kinda like a man that names his penis. Do you want to meet Larry, no, God no. Friends, please don't name body parts or tell me about it.

So rewind back to Thursday night at about 1 am, when due to the amount of grading and pushing to get kids finished I'm working crazy late everything. Due to the bad weather the fall wrap up is happening on top of the start to new spring classes. I have a new prep and double the kids/schools to contact. But more $!

Blah...Blah... add to this that my first batch of questions were accepted with this tagline that made me laugh out loud, "no editing needed." Ha! so maybe the only thing I really CAN write are questions about Stalin's 5 Year Economic Plans (which I did with graphics!)

As I was heading to bed I happened to pick up the mail and found something from the hospital. Thinking it was just the bill I opened it, barely read it and filled it away. Thinking of the nurse who did the mammogram last week saying something about a letter that goes to your Dr as well as you... and not to wait for the Dr letter call if anything comes back abnormal.

I really should have opened the mail about 8 hours before. Like immediately so I could have saved myself a night of pure ass worry.

Repeat test due to abnormality, bolded in the middle of the page. Schedule repeat mammogram as soon as possible.


Double DD (plus some) Damn.

My OB has gone to a 4 day workweek so thinking I was totally screwed that with the holiday I was going to have to wait until Tuesday to get the orders faxed to even MAKE the appointment panic was creeping in. I decided to call the Dr office and leave a message on the super small chance that someone was working or that the answering service would forward. I then moved on to trying to contact someone at the hospital.

I kid you not, within 30 mins my fav nurse was on the phone. Without even introducing herself she said, "Honey don't you know that if there was something real to worry about I would have been buggin' you if the hospital had been alarmed." Feeling a little better I had her go over what might have caused the abnormal test.

I even threw out if you have ginormous boobs that literally took up the entire xray plate is it possible they just didn't get a really good scan? Maybe, but more likely it's just a fat deposit that looks like a lump.

So after pushing I got her to agree to go ahead and fax the order before taking to the OB to review my chart. She did and within the hour I have an appointment for lunchtime today.

I'm sure that this is nothing to be concerned about or to freak out about. Still though I'm feeling every bit a year older here 2 days before 36. Couple that with 2 friends local and a roommate in college that have battled early breast cancer in their 30s, I'm not going to be waiting around.

Since I'm already at an increased risk for cancer and also heart disease thanks to PCOS hormone issues I'm thinking as much as I really don't want to do this screen every year I would be just stupid not too.

Ugh... I HATE getting old(er). This just sucks. Hoping to have results by my birthday on Wednesday or should I have to go back a better idea if really there is a reason to panic.

I'm siding on the fluke of a test and moving forward.


LauraC said...

Hey I had an abnormal mammogram when I was 19! Turns out I just have lumpy breasts and need to watch my caffeine intake. Here's hoping it's nothing, keep us posted on results.

Ms Mae said...

You are in my thoughts today and I pray it all goes well!

Anonymous said...

I would have been just thrilled to hear it might be a fatty lump in already the most fatty parts of my body (you know... "Big'un" and "Tiny"- sorry, couldn't resist!). I once had a fatty lump on my shin leftover from weight I gained with one of my kids. So sexy! Once I started working out at the gym last year, guess where I lost fat first? Oh yeah, you guessed it. My shin. My shin!!! Anyway, I hope you can shake it off (The worry, that is. Well, and the fatty lump too. Like literally, shake it off. Maybe during your run today!). Hoping to hear good news.