Friday, January 14, 2011

Show Me the Mommy- The TBD Version

Seeing that it's almost 2 am and I just finished working it's going to have to be a weekend post.

3 Super Awesome things have happened/will happen in the next 24 hours

-I bought my first ever pair of running shoes Thursday night. This after 10+ pairs of try ons and many laps in the parking lot in the COLD ASS AIR!

-My sweetie turns 9 months TODAY. He's holding on with one hand, stepping in place. All bets on walking before April.

-I was offered a 2nd section yesterday and a test item writing contract Monday. Decision to go back is now permanently case closed!!! Sorry to those waiting to slap me back into reality on the work situation, I'm sure you'll get your chance on another topic

Weekend of getting caught up on chores, Ben starting new extracurricular Friday activity, working to pull final students through, setting up new online classes, pool with Ben, more working out as my week goal of 20 miles is in sight, haircoloring!, best of all: all events will take place in-state!!!

VERY, VERY excited to make a date with my couch and get in some quality time with unwatched TV shows.

Back over the weekend with my Friday Show Me the Mommy pic post.

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