Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dave Kendall Called

I actually used the phrase, "I'm a (new) runner" and didn't bust out laughing. Well, I kinda did but anyway. I'm doing well keeping up with 3 day a week running and have ramped it up to slowly add miles and speed. I'm proud that I did 3.5 miles last Friday and did a 13 min mile today.

Baby steps to something bigger. Reading the back issues of passed along Runners World magazine is remarkably inspiring, if for nothing else some serious body envy. I marked up some articles to scan, esp on beg runners. This month, I've also been working to make healthier meals for myself and the family. As much as I hate shopping with Ben, giving him the chance to pick out fresh produce and items to try at dinner has helped add to some healthier options all around.

I'm going this weekend to be fitted for shoes. My knees are killing me and I have to think the right shoes will help.

Back to the running. I'm gradually, ever so slowly growing into feeling like something is missing if I don't get in at least 3 miles each time and try to add 1/2 mile each week. I set up a 90 min playlist with a few last resort power through songs.

A sampling of what is keeping me going:

September- Earth, Wind, and Fire
All the Stars- Better than Ezra
Believe Me- Blues Traveler
Galvanize –Chemical Brothers
Let Forever Be- Chemical Brothers
She Said- Collective Soul
Born too Slow- Crystal Method
I Know it’s You-Crystal Method
Burn (Crow soundtrack)-Cure
I Go Crazy-Flesh for Lulu
Hard Sun –Eddie Vedder
Celebrity Skin-Hole
Pretend we are Dead-L7
Louis xiv- Paper Doll
Plan B-Muth Math
Rock Star- NERD
Blue Monday- New Order
Only- NIN
Let’s Go Crazy-Prince
Testify-Rage Against the Machine
Prove My Love-Violent Femmes

Dave Kendall called and has asked me to host 120 Minutes.

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