Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing to See (or Read) Here, Please Keep Moving

CRAZY busy. Like this is the only couple of sentences I have time to write while I wait for the uber cheezy video I just made to finish copying to all my classes. That's right, my dream of staying home full time. DONE. DEAL. Accepted a 3rd (and final) section of online teaching this morning.

Color me stoked that between the online and the question writing contract (that also just got more work) I may NOT have to sell my kidney to afford this surgery.

Yeah, that's like a whole other post or better yet feeling a new multi-series volume much like Tales from the Little Potty is about to be written. And, NO there will ONLY be AFTER pictures in the final version.

On the ick front, serious man colds going down x3. I'm trying to NOT be sick outside of living in a plastic bubble like that kid in the 1980s. Someone has to hold down the fort. A Mom cold and a Man cold are diabolical opposites.

Back with more later this week when I can come up for air.


Goddess in Progress said...

Honestly, could there be any two conditions more opposite than the Mom Cold vs. the Man Cold?

I once tried to explain the concept of the Man Cold to M. He actually hadn't heard of it. He was a little insulted. Whatever, it is SO FREAKING TRUE.

Katrina said...
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