Friday, January 7, 2011

Show Me the Mommy-This American Life, 2011 Awesomeness

In wrapping up my week of New Years Resolutions, I have lots of other goals for my 2011 LIFE: Read 30 books, try to post 250 posts here and 60 on the Freeze Ahead blog , Take a 15 year anniversary trip with Bill, Run a 5k for Ian's 1st birthday, another race with my HS friend, and a Warrior Dash with a group of ass kickin' moms, make date nights with Bill (and also) Ben a priority, find a way NOT to go back to full time work, seriously start to think about getting out of this house (and making the repairs needed),find a church we all like, figure out what to do about Ben's kindergarten decision, challenge my sons to be independent, motivated and unabashedly brave to try new things

I looked back at my master Mondo Beyondo List to see if any of these goals made the 2011 list. Nope, well ok, only two.

But in each one is living a Mondo life, authentically, and without limitations.

My 2011 is going to kick ass for SO.MANY.REASONS

A healthier body that I hope will finally physically match the one in my head post surgery

A clearer mind that is less frazzled and more centered

A spirit of optimism about what to come for myself and my family

A feeling that I am ENOUGH, that I do ENOUGH, and ENOUGH is all I ever need to be.

2011 is going to be the year that I took all the little (and big) changes that I've been working on over the past 10 years and own this year.

While I most likely will not get the chance to rush the stage if Ira Glass makes a return visit to Chapel Hill, 2011 is my year of AWESOMENESS.

It's my life, my story, my This American Life, the only one I have, and in 2011 I'm sending out goodness to the universe in hopes it returns.


wraith said...

Look out! Hot mamma! ;-)

I like this :

"I am ENOUGH, that I do ENOUGH, and ENOUGH is all I ever need to be."

LauraC said...

OMG I love that shirt!!!!

UUFR's service topic this Sunday is "This I Believe." HA HA!