Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Star Wars Cookies!

Since it was over 100 on Sunday we skipped the pool and stayed indoors. We had given Bill Star Wars cookie cutters for Father's Day and a hot oven seemed JUST the plan for a hot day :-) Ben has been pulling them out for a good month and talking about "the Vader, he is a Vader" with no concept of the holy grail SW holds in the Vinson House.

We made several batches and Bill took most of both to work. Ben got into decorating them with pink icing and sprinkles. Note those didn't go to work. Believe it or not but Ben has yet to see Star Wars. He has a shirt and talks about it, but Bill for his own reasons has yet to watch them with him. I'm sure when he does we will never hear the end. I'm sure he will want to play with the BOXES of Bill's childhood toys in storage or already on display.

We were super impressed with the detail once baked and the quality given they were from Williams Sonoma was totally worth the price. Thinking about the SW pancake molds next.

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