Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And the answer...

to Friday's question: I'm taking the year of leave postdated from 4/14/10 until 4/14/11. My hope is that no school will want someone for the final quarter of the year and it buys me time to make a decision about outright resignation until next summer.

While it may seem like given the options this was the only real choice, I did think long and hard about what I want my life to look like while taking this time.

Bill and I talked over our fabulous dinner out Saturday about what it will take to make this new situation best for all. I appreciate that he heard my concerns and in the end left the decision to me.

I'm working on my mental list of how to make this increased time with the boys work for their benefit and to not loose myself in the process.

Funny that I asked 9 people for advice, 8 agreed that the leave was the best (and most reasonable) option. I'll take those odds.


LauraC said...

Glad you have a decision and we all promise to make sure you do not go crazy! By end of summer, let's hit up my pool on a Friday with my boys.

Beth said...

That's awesome Heather! I'm excited for you and looking forward to following you along in your journey. Congrats! (And can I say that I'm more than a little jealous!)

Beth C. said...

I'm so glad you are happy with your decision. I hate that women think they lose their self when they don't work outside the home. I understand the desire to make all you can out of your life and I understand the desire to be all you can be but why is it that you can't be all you want to be as a stay at home mom? I mean you have your teaching job you do in your home and you are raising two precious boys. Those sweet boys will grow up knowing that their mom loves and adores them and is always there for them. Don't lose site of the fact that you only get 18 years and then they are gone. I mean 18 years is nothing compared to your whole lifetime. Whether you work or not should not completely define who you are as a person.
Congratulations on your decision! I hope you are happy and I know your boys will enjoy the extra time they get to spend with their wonderful mother!