Monday, July 19, 2010

It Started with Watching a Roomful of Preschools Doing the Hustle

That was Friday at noon pickup and the Christmas in July assembly at the Y, cookie decorating, and ornament making. Ben was estatic that I made this family Friday (I missed the first one and swore not to again.)

I finally got around to booking a hotel for our overnight trip to see Jim Gaffagin on the 31st. We had been waiting until we had Ben settled with someone for the overnight we will be gone before booking.

Bill and I dropped the kids at the gym child area and both worked out Saturday (nice)

I did an early am spin class for the first time yesterday. Great workout and I am crazy sore today.

Both days Ian stayed in the gym childcare while I took Ben to the pool post workout. Result, successful Ben and Mom alone time both days and Ian was out of the heat.

Started True Blood Season 2 with Bill and for some reason I rewatched season 1 Project Runway while working on class. Oh the drama, and I so got sucked into hating Wendy again.

Saturday night out as a family in between torrential rain and hit the mall. I ventured into H & M for the first time. Another goal for weight loss is serious shopping.

Typical weekend chores and with the rain mowing makes the list this week. It's either that or consider a goat.

Speaking of this week, it's busy with houseguests up midweek and getting my game on to watch the gaggle of boys coming to the house.

Add to it the push for the final weeks of class and getting the nonworking kids going with status reports and daily contact. I managed to call all of them yesterday so I am ahead on one task.

Today's plan: progress reports to sent out to all kids and their schools, taking the dog for repeat bloodwork (no seizures but she now has little bowel control due to the meds side effects), grocery run, and if I can pull it a 7:30 Zumba class tonight.

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Beth said...

Consider a goat--you crack me up! Sounds like a good weekend. Good luck with your back-to-work-or-not decision. I'm hoping the right answer will be obvious. (It never is though, is it?)