Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Pity the Drool

My sweet boy is 3 months today. 90 whole days old, a 1/3 of your lifetime before you arrived, 1/4 of a year. WOW... time is flying.

Just in the last month you have started smiling, reaching for objects (usually a car handed to you by Ben), love crinkle books, rattles, and tags. You coo when in your bouncy seat or when sucking on you thumb and finger. Like your brother, you shunned the paci much to my sadness. You are becoming a little person with your own identity.

Your biggest accomplishment to date is rolling from back to tummy. You become frustrated or konk out in some interesting positions most nights when you realize you can't turn back over. You have also learned to scoot yourself to the ends of you crib much to our amazement you have built up strength in your legs.

My guess is you already know being a little brother to a active 4 year old, you better bulk up now to hold your own. At your 2 month check up you were just shy of 11 lbs and 24 inches. Just like your brother you are middle of the road.

Your hair has remained a strawberry blond and your big blue eyes are wide with excitement. Since you decided that sleep was cool we are all so much happier. You included!

While it's taken some adjustment and I'm still getting there, know you are loved and were wanted beyond reason. As we celebrated Sunday with friends, who all loved on you in your Mr. T onsie, I celebrated that this past month we are finding our groove doing the baby/mommy encore thing.

Happy 3 months sweet Ian (My Little Mr. T)

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LauraC said...

Happy 3 months!
What the hell have I done with the last three months?!?!