Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camp Mommy Extended Release Recap

Great news late on Tuesday that the surgery went well for our friends. Our little house guest left Wed afternoon with his dad to head home to the coast. Overall Ben and Eli played well together much to my refereeing. Ben was coming off of restriction (again) for hitting at camp so I expected a rough patch.

I had already shared my apprehension with the family before they decided that Eli should stay with us since this is the summer of discipline hell. This time Ben is facing a week of restriction if hitting at camp (or home)continues.

We did have quite a bit of "I'm four, you're three" bossy behavior. We also had our share of general whiny behavior by Ben while Eli was a dream child. Ben is soundly at the let me have an audience for why I am wonderful stage. FUN :-(

I'm having serious 2nd thoughts about leaving Ben next weekend for our overnight 24 hr trip. A friend happened to offer to take him after hearing that our original plan had fallen through. I have big fears that the continued hard work we have put in these past weeks could be diminished Ben is ugly and is not curbed with time out or restrictions. I regret that when we planned this trip in April in our newborn stupidity, we didn't think about Ben, not the baby, being the one with issues. If we need to call it next week I think it would be worth it to loose the tickets.

To recap the boys wore boots and shorts the entire time. I think they would have gotten IN the pool in boots if I hadn't stopped them. They played everywhere that cars, a giant garbage truck, and a giant Leggo plane could travel in our house.

We made mummy dogs and pancakes and peanut butter play dough. We had some bedtime homesick tears that were soothed by iPad games with Bill. I found Ben asleep at the foot of Eli's bed around midnight. Overall a good visit and moreover great news of the successful surgery

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Beth said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well. What a relief for your friends. And I'm also glad Eli's visit went well. Wish I could give you advice regarding your overnight trip. If your friends are strong disciplinarians, and they know what to expect, and they say okay, then I think you should go. Lord knows you could use the night away! But go with what your gut tells you. And maybe you'll have another opportunity soon. It seems like things are definitely improving, so by then, you might not fret quite as much. :-) Hugs!