Sunday, July 18, 2010

Loving the Life You Live

"I have to say that you are like a model Mom in my book...always out and about...but I have yet to make it to the pool or gym...way to go"

Once home I had this line in a fb message from a friend. Seriously, tonight of all times. OMG, were you just at dinner with me? Obviously not because nothing could be further from the truth.

I thanked her for her sweet comment and then laughed out loud at the ridiculously of the idea that I am some model mom. Even in my Martha Stewart/SuperNanny dream, "model mom" has never been reality at Casa Vinson.

It's go time for a decision about returning to work. I appreciate friends hearing me when it seems like a no brainer of a choice. This has been a hard call and I have spent time the last couple of weeks researching my options. Bill and I are going out totally child free next Saturday to celebrate his 1 year out from surgery. I know that a final decision will make the short list of topics to discuss.

I wish I could revel in that compliment because it's somehow true. One of the biggest challenges I have is loving the life I lead, not the one of my dreams that likely is never going to come to fruition. Loving the life I have right here in front of me day to day with all it's frustrations and parts that you just have to get through. Part of this decision is what do I want life to look like for the next year or longer. Can I be content and like the person I am with whatever roll I have casted myself.

Glad I'm making a pros/con list, I would hate for someone to think I wasn't organized or had my shit together.

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