Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodness Grows in NC

After one of the BEST WEEKS EVER in discipline at Camp Mommy I decided that Friday that we would go on a trip with a treasure to a surprise location.

We drew a treasure map to follow since we had to make a couple of stops before we got to the secret location. We sang Ben's fav new song from camp all the way there much to Ian's unhappiness (crying). Then once we arrived at the Raleigh farmers market we had to plan our attack as protectors (or 'tectors as Ben is calling himself these days. I don't think the mounds of fresh veggies needing protecting, but I played along.

We went over the ground rules of no running, hands in the parking lot, and don't eat random samples of food unless mommy says ok.

I got great deals on plants to replace those that didn't survive the recent heat. Ben picked out a watermelon, and with his new frog change purse he bought a cookie. Part of the new discipline strategy is money each day for staying in his room at quiet time that he can redeem at the ice cream truck.

Ian was sleeping peacefully until Mommy's traveler spilled in his carseat soaking him. Ask how the cup turned over and I will answer you with that only a mom carrying a giant redneck Dicky's BBQ cup with NO lid is asking for problems. Also ask who bumped into the stroller in an attempt to pick up the frog purse.

Fifteen mins later and using all the farmers market restroom paper towels, we left the plant area and headed to lunch. Ben had the Mickey pancake, Mom had a fresh veggie plate and we split the basket of hush puppies and biscuits.

A great day and time had by all minus the giant tea flood. Even Ian, who other than the initial crying, settled down once changed and fed. Once home Ben help me shuck the dozen ears of corn that we took off the cob for corn/smoky bacon chowder to freeze. We sliced peaches and plums for dessert, sprinkled tomatoes with blue cheese, and threw steaks on the grill before dad got home.


Beth said...

Yay for an awesome day! (Minus the tea deluge. Isn't tea good for the skin, though? LOL) Seriously--you deserve it. I think the thing that makes disciplining so hard is that it takes so much effort--emotional and physical, but it looks like it's paying off. I need to keep that in mind. I hope you have many more successful days in the future!

ElizabethS said...

That is an AWESOME idea. I'll have to think of doing the treasure hunt too before the summer is out... I'm glad camp Mommy went well and that he is happily back at the other camp this week. As Beth said, discipline is so hard when you're doing it (and, like me, trying to figure out how to do it!) but on the occasions when you've gotten it right, the pay off is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I love the treasure hunt idea! I tried a scavenger hunt with N in our woods, but right now she's a little spooked by anything even remotely resembling a forest (that's what we get for letting her watch part of LotR).

Which Raleigh FM did you go to? I know there's one downtown, but I think it's on Wednesdays...?