Thursday, July 29, 2010


No real post of importance so how about a bunch of random thoughts:

1. I have poison ivy... AGAIN. You would think I would learned my lesson from last year. Ah, NO. Good news is that instead of trying to treat it at home for a week I went to the Dr yesterday and got on a steroid cream with instructions to return for a shot if not better by tomorrow.

2. NO shots. I freakin' did enough shots to last a lifetime last summer. I recently found our IVF basket in the closet, literally frozen in time, instructions, sharps container, everything untouched. It was sobering to look at all that stuff. I also can't seem to throw anything away.

3. Ben pooped in his pants at TJs yesterday. He was mortified and was really afraid I was going to be mad at him. He wanted to take a bath when we got home he was crying on the way home. Either I have permanently scarred him for life about pooping or he has made pooping the end all be all by himself.

4. I got EIGHT hours of sleep last night. I went to bed before 11pm. I can't say that has happened once this summer. Unfortunately I felt really bad when I got up. Go figure, but I did take 2 Ativan so I am wondering drug interaction with the steroid? Better than the night I mistakenly took 4 and slept 14 hours straight. Thankfully Bill got up with Ian both times.

5. Skipped am workout (see #4), but have gone 6/7 days for 2 weeks. Tried a variety of classes and love being back to a routine for exercise. Bill is restarting his Couch to 5k for a run this fall or spring.

That's it, got grading to do, and attempt at housework before I go get Ben from daycamp and than to meet up with Chrissy and the boys.

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