Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tommy Chong Called and He Wants His Shirt Back!

Our local arts council set up a tie dye booth last sat at our local farmers market. Check out our super cool summer shirts. Ben and I wore them today to his 3 year dr and dentist check up as well to his swim lesson. I packed WAY too much into this day and miraculously he was a trooper. Even the dentist asked what I had promised him!

Everywhere we went today we got comments about our shirts. I took pride that Ben loved his "paint shirt" and refused to take it off at the pool so he took his swim lesson in the shirt today.

We started a week of lessons with the Raleigh Parks and Rec at a local pool that also has a spray park. Ben has LOVED lessons and after hating the beach I am happy that summer fun is not a total loss.

Today we stayed extra late to play longer in the spray park. Ben immediately found any age child and played along. It makes me really happy to see how much he is a social people person and is at ease making friends. I know this is common of this age, but it makes me smile as he transitions to a new school this fall I know he will make new friends quickly.

Next week he is trying out his new preschool with another little boy who I know his mom from bunco. The theme is "water week" and in the plans are water balloon racing and washing the school bus. Ben is SO going to be in heaven!

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Beth said...

Love the title! And the shirts, too. And so jealous that swim lessons are a hit. But how awesome for you! And what a great way to "try out" the new school. Cheers all around!