Friday, July 3, 2009

Finished for Friday- Insane in the Brain

I have tried to make this week about getting ready for the storm! From July 6th--August 6th my husband will have surgery, IVF cycle, I will fly to Boston for a conference, drive to Florida to see family, see if IVF results in a pregnancy. could say while I know we can "Do Hard" this is not going to be fun.

The major thing I got done this week was freeze ahead cooking to make the next 30 days a littler easier for my self. I wrote a rather lengthy post earlier in the week about how I set up cooking sessions and my tricks of the trade to optimize $$$ savings. Very proud of my 19 meals with more to come!

This week Ben has taken swim lessons at a local parks/rec pool. He has LOVED them and we will definitely be doing this again next year. The added benefit of doing the lessons at a pool with a spray park has meant he has been super exhausted for longer naps!

I have made exercise a priority and have been 4 times this week including a class. Wish I could say that I have been eating all of Bill's fav foods as he says good bye to them, but I have :-( NOT the way I wanted to celebrate my own surgery anniversary date, but I know once he is on his liquid diet, I will not have it in the house.

Bill and I also got a major insurance filing completed and all 44 pages of claims and receipts faxed to his insurance co. We loose our coverage tomorrow and will be picking up COBRA :-( until he has a new job. Thankful for the option but with an extra 1,300 coming out of a stretched budget we met yesterday with the investment company we use to strategize and possibly refinance our house.

Fun plans for the weekend. We are going out for Bill's "last supper" at a favorite place, local Fire Truck Wash, local concert/picnic/fireworks, ride on the New Hope Valley Railway on Sunday, and finally our hometown 4th of July events including MORE fireworks on Sunday.

Literally we are heading into this crazy month with a BANG! hahahahah

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Laura said...

Congrats on the cooking and the insurance paperwork! That kind of paperwork is no fun!

I just read your previous post with the details of how you do your freezer cooking. Thanks for sharing!

Have a great weekend!