Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My reward was $9.00 in candy

I have bailed from my 2nd morning lecture as I feel really bad from IVF meds. Didn't get the best of all news this morning, so I look for meds to be increased once my dr calls with results. Major time delay having all the scans and bloodwork here and then being sent to Raleigh. Send good thoughts!

Boston is awesome and frankly the diversion I needed this week. I finally settled on a research topic and have first deadline today. Given the recent decision by the 5th Circuit Court of appeals upholding making Plan B available over religious objections, I decided to go with research tying the widespread use of the Pill to other types of bc available post Griswold v Conn.

The library we are working out of has amazing primary source materials. Literally, all of Betty Friedan's research notes and drafts of the Feminine Mystique were used in class yesterday. This is teacher-crack at it's best.

On the "what else have you done besides research" note I have eaten too much good food. The best falafel ever, noodles at Wagamamma last night, and going Legal Seafood tomorrow night after touring more of Boston. We toured a bunch of feminist sights yesterday, but several of us want to see some of the Revolutionary sites too.

I have already picked up gifts for Bill and Ben (a crab hat) and mistakenly read a sign for bulk candy as 1.95 not 11.95, so my take home prize is 9 bucks in chocolate pretzels.

I am so glad for this opportunity and especially to meet so many incredible teachers from across the country, each with a personal passion for women's rights. Take a wild guess what the most common first name is??? Hint, it's not my stripper/porn star name!


Beth said...

Sorry to hear about the setback, but yay for chocolate! (Even if it was $9.00 worth--LOL!) Awesome research project. But are you sleeping at all? Sending all positive vibes your way for IVF to stay on track. You are an amazing woman to be balancing this all. Hope the rest of the week goes well! Hugs!

Sandra said...

I can taste the falafel and the Legal Seafood!! I'm so glad you had a good time.