Friday, July 31, 2009

Ready, Set... Roadtrip!

Oh the fun of the open road to see both families over the next 8 days. We are leaving early today to drive to see my family in SC and then on to Destin, FL on Sat where we will be until Thursday. We are seeing my family again on the way home as well as a good childhood friend.

I can almost hear the incessant Cars playing for 10 strait hours in the backseat to a zoned out Ben, picture the the desolate two land road through eastern Alabama that we will travel through on the way into Florida. Smell the enticing food at the last remaining Po Folks restaurant and the Big H chicken Buffet. Hopefully I can sleep through more one light towns imaginable on the 14 hour drive. As always I take a project, and this time it's to go through my recipe box, clean it out in anticipation of the new cooking blog to start soon. What do you think of the name Freeze Ahead Frenzy?

After a week of almost constant rain, no childcare, and bouncing off the walls waiting out the results of the ivf transfer, I am so ready to GO!!!

While in Florida we go in and have blood drawn for the results of the IVF transfer at an independent lab. It's not the ideal as the time delay will make the waiting even longer. If positive I will do a repeat test and then an ultrasound a couple of weeks later to confirm.

With Ben we waited until I was almost 20 weeks along to say anything to friends and family. We were really spooked after the July 2005 miscarriage and decided not to tempt fate. When we did we hosted a blow out New year's eve party to announce so it was worth the wait.

This time we have made this whole journey public through posting our IVF experience on both our blogs. It seems a little disingenuous not to let our friends know the next chapter. So we have decided to wait and publicly post if we make it to the ultrasound at week six and can feel a little more certain that we have good odds for making it through the 1st trimester.

If the test comes back negative we have a little insurance in that we have 3 great quality embryos frozen and can move almost immediately into a frozen transfer process. If we really wanted to to pursue another whole new cycle I actually have enough meds to make the major cost the procedure alone. This would be a long, hard choice that I don't want to have to even think about now, but after going through this I know I made it once and faced with the decision I might again.

Regardless of results, we appreciate everyone who has been supporting us through this whole summer of fun. At least the next week comes with a pool just outside the bedroom window, family to help with Ben, walks on the beach, a trip to Seaside by myself one day, and a memorable and much needed family trip.


Beth said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! Fingers crossed and many prayers said that a baby (or two!) is on the way. And I can't wait for Freeze Ahead Frenzy! I hope to eventually become a contributor! (And at the very least, a critic as I test the recipes!)

Sandra said...

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you!