Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vinson 12-Pack Posse

Good News, Good News, Good News

24 eggs retrieved yesterday, 17 large enough to do ISCI on, 12 fertilized as of this morning. The head embryologist thinks we have great odds to making it to a Day 5 blasophere transfer allowing us to do PDG!

So let those jokes about our upcoming reality shows or that we are going to put the Duggar family to shame keep on rolling in. I could not be more encouraged and hopeful.

I feel much better than yesterday where I spent most of the day with Nurse Ben and Bill and a grateful prescription of Vicodin.

Today I felt good enough to take Ben to the puppet show at the community center and get in a yoga class. Wish I had been high on Vicodin for the puppet show though, as it was a true testament of nerves to listen to a room of crying, whining children and 2 overzealous hosts who sounded like Paula Deen minus the benefit of pie.

At this point we will know on Thursday the state of our 12 little embies about 6am with a call from the lab to either proceed as planned with transfer on Saturday or go ahead and put back the best of the best on Thursday.



Beth said...

Great news Heather! So glad you're feeling better, too. I'm saying my prayers for healthy and hardy little embryos!

LauraC said...

PLEASE OH PLEASE keep me posted! All I can think this week is VINSON 2.0 MUST SUCCEED. Great thoughts with you and here's hoping for AT LEAST one grade A perfect little embryo.

LauraC said...

Also did you know Mrs Duggar carried TWO sets of twins?

And I swear to you, if you end up with six kids, I will not let you get Kate's haircut. And if I ever see Bill wearing an Ed Hardy shirt, I will call him a douche to his face. ha ha!

Ellen said...

Go, little embryos, go! We are thinking about you often and KNOW this will happen for you all!

Beth said...

I'm back! Thanks for your comment on my post. I absolutely want to pick your brain and mine your recipes and learn more about your process. I loved both yours and Elizabeth's posts about your day spent cooking. And I think a separate cooking blog is an awesome idea! When things settle down a bit (when you're safely out of your first trimester :-)) we'll merge minds and come up with some awesome stuff! In the meantime, take care of you!

Sandra said...

Great news! You're on your way. Keep the good news coming.