Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

I couldn't resist taking a Day 1 photo of all my meds, needles, instuctions, and IVF loot. It's a little sobering to think that for the next 107 days I will be taking daily injections, most of them with a 2 inch needle that goes in my hip. Fun!

For the next week I will be mixing 2 medications to take daily via one injection (that I can give myself). I am a little spooked by trying to remember all the instructions from clinic the other day, so Bill and technology to the rescue. I am posting pics and instructions to pull up in Boston at the end of this post for my use (or your curiousity).

Once I get home on Cycle Day 10 I will take another combination of injections followed by a egg retrival procedure and hopeful transfer of healthy embroys somewhere around the 24-27th of July. I will continue taking progesterone shots daily until the end of the first trimester/mid second semester should things go well and we hear the sweetest words ever... Ben's going to be a big brother! Ben totally enjoyed playing with my good luck charm, a Mr. T in your Pocket that plays 6 famous lines like, "I Pity the Fool". Yes, if you are wondering it too is going on this trip for my 3 visits to Mt. Auburn Hospital for follicle monitoring and bloodwork galore.

I don't plan on posting alot about doing the shots, how crappy I feel even tonight on shot 1, photos of brusing, or clinical results once I start seeing if the meds are working. Frankly as much as this the the ultimate tailgate party you really don't want to host, I know that most people just want to know did it work.

It's just a little too much into my privacy, if I have any left after all this. If you want an education about what IVF entails or the PGD process we are also doing, check either of the links.

We really apprecate all the support this week from Bill's surgery. He is super excited to be off of clear liquids by monday as as of this morning is down a total of 17 lbs since he made the decison for surgery. I also appreciate the emails, freezer food, and in general being a part of our lives right now.

Heather you can SO do this sister!
Step 1- Gather all materials (Follistem, Menapur, Q- cap, 27 gage needle, 22 gage needle, alcohol swab, sharps container). Turn off Wow Wow Wubzzy if at home like today or better yet, go to another child-free room!

Step 2- Draw up 300 mg of Follistem. Each Cartrage contains 3 doeses. Add needle LAST and keep protective sheath on until step 6.

Step 3- Take off 22 gage needle and replace with sterile Q-cap

Step 4- Draw up 1/2 cc of saline via Q-cap. Discard rest of saline.

Step 5- Mix Saline into Menapur via Q-cap.

Step 6- Press Follistem into the mixed Menapur and take off needle, repacackage the pen for tomorrow. Remember to refridgerate!!!!

Step 7- Ready to GO!!!

1 Down and Keeping my Eyes on the Prize!


Amanda P. said...

Wow - way more complicated than mine! Good luck. Hopefully, by the time you're an expert, you won't need to worry any more!

LauraC said...

I love that you are so excited about Mr T!

Krissy said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for the kind comment on my blog about our bike ride. I hope you husband has as much success with weight loss and healthy living as my Jay has. I am sure you will be a great support to him, knowing what it is like to want to eat and not be able to.

I wish you the best of success with your IVF cycle! God Bless!

Sandra said...

I feel your pain, sister!