Thursday, July 30, 2009

I went to pay and pulled out underwear

I could not make this up if I tried. Wednesday seemed like I did nothing but shuffle from place to place and by end of day my bag looked like this! At one point I was getting "lunch" at the Target snack bar being the popcorn combo and when I went to pull out my wallet, I also pulled out a pair of Ben's undies (clean). The counter kid didn't see the humor. Total Mom moment.

While I was over at a friend's last night I sat there and cleaned it out and took inventory of what had gotten shoved in there by end of day. I think they were both appalled at the amount and declared I needed a shopping cart.

i-phone (oh how I love you)
3 library books
Target Drink cup and popcorn bag, Nutragrain strawberry bar (half eaten by Ben)
Target Brand Chest Rub
Receipts from 3 doctors
Denial letter for an IVF med and the reorder form
Legal pad with massive packing list
Old kid Party Invitation with a week long TO DO list on the back
Coupons and list for BJ's run before my membership runs out end of month tomorrow
12 boxes of crayons (for school folks, I don't think the trip is going to be THAT long requiring crayon overload)
16 Glue sticks (again school... we have ZERO supply budget this year)
Mail from today including a paper
Thank you notes not written but intended
Family Fun Magazine and Coupons for a friend
Half eaten piece of string cheese (again Ben)

and TWO not ONE pairs of clean undies for Ben

I think my bag is like 20 pounds lighter, but I am SO keeping those undies for emergencies.

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Beth said...

Love the title! And wow--that's a lot of stuff! But I can so completely relate. My personal faves are the half-eaten Nutrigrain Bar and string cheese. And I definitely agree--keep the underwear! LOL.