Saturday, July 18, 2009

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Make that no automobiles but lots of walking all week in Boston. I flew home last night as our IVF cycle quickly took off after meds adjustment mid week. I was seen this morning in clinic and my doctor was utterly amazed at the 25+ eggs most close to maturity. I have a 10,000 unit(not a mistype) shot of hcg that Bill has to give me tonight. Retrieval is 10:30 Monday and should things go well during the week, transfer will be next Saturday.

On the Bill post surgery front he is down almost 25 lbs!!! I could tell a major difference when I picked me up last night.

So home with highlights and pics of a chance in a lifetime week at Harvard.

We stayed in Harvard Square (which is like Franklin Street/UNC-Chapel Hill's campus on crack). A group of us had dinner every night outside and enjoyed beautiful sunny weather. Most of our dinners contained free street entertainment. The best of these was yesterday on train when two guys got on my train break dancing with a 1980's ghetto blaster. I'm telling you I was impressed at a triple flip to the point of applause.

Thursday I took a solo trip down to JFK Presidential Libray after finishing early on a mondo research project. I held my own with a project on the birth control debate pre/post Griswold v. Connecticut (1965). Of course I made it over the the Kennedy School of Government with a shirt to commemorate.

I met some really amazing teachers from across the country that shared a diverse social, racial, and sexual orientation. It was incredible to come together for a common purpose, each of us with a passion for some aspect from the women's rights movement.

On the first night my roommate Liz (who teaches in Vermont) met another Liz (teacher in Chicago Public Schools) and her roommate Felice (teacher at an all girls school in Harlem). We did alot together during the week. We had so many conversations about having the same struggles as well same successes with our kids. It was nice to talk shop as fellow teachers who get you in a way no one else does.

I was utterly amazed and the breadth of experience and teachers who were actually active in Second Wave feminist activities in the 60's/70s. This was old school at it's best and to hear about it first hand only added to the week.

Glad to be home given how badly I felt most of the week, but I am so, so happy for the opportunity to be a student as well as participant in history twice this year. My Obama shirt was worn among friends this week!


Beth said...

Sounds like an amazing week! So glad the mess adjustment worked,too. Good luck with the mondo shot and egg retrieval. Thinking of you!

Sandra said...

I will be thinking about you as you do retrieval tomorrow - and keeping my fingers crossed for good numbers as the week progresses!!