Friday, May 15, 2009

Finished for Friday- Checking in After Absence

I get a total pass for pulling off this week on little sleep and STILL getting something done. A typical very busy week at school and home. Here are the highlights of productivity under extreme stress these days.

Picked up plants using coupons and bargining (gotta love the state farmers market). Next up is planting. I picked up a special pink flower for Ben to grow.

Enough NHS Induction stuff to make me seriously consider giving this up next school year. I would but would get stuck on some horrid committee that planned athletic events. I would SO make a table arrangement of jock straps in protest if this happened!

Grading, Grading, Grading... wish I could say some students didn't want to burn me in effigy this week.

Started ordering IVF meds/made real progress for being in Cambridge, MA in July and setting up daily injections... posted on this yesterday but this was a huge accomplishment to get the ball rolling. It's starting to hit me that I am less than 30 days out starting all this hormonal craziness. Feel Free to vacate the state for the month of June.

Fun weekend ahead of a birthday party and trip to the zoo on Sunday if the weather is nice. Looking forward to some positive family time.


Elizabeth said...

You got a lot done this week. I know what you mean about the grading! I was a 6th grade English teacher, but I'm on disability now.
I see you're a reader, so stop by my blog. I'm giving away 6 books by Michael Connolly.
Also, I host a group called New England Bloggers. You can check it out if you visit and let me know if you'd like to be listed.

Threeundertwo said...

I for one would *really* like to see a table arrangement of jock straps. LOL.

Congratulations on getting things going with the IVF! That's a big step.

Bea said...

Heather, this time of year is just horrid for teachers. Hang in there. Enjoy the birthday!