Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tales from the Little Potty-Vol 6

Bill should technically be the author of this latest edition since it is written retelling weekend events. But... the trend has continued! It is a Poop Rising! All weekend Ben used the potty with few accidents. He initiated most of his sitting including multiple times to sit to poop. Yesterday we were playing in the backyard and he announced loudly... "Mommy I gotta got NOW and took off running inside the house" When he returned he proudly announced I peed in the potty, want to come see?

He came home sick with a fever Monday from school and looked just about pathetic laying on the couch with his dog covered up by a blanket watching tv. When I kissed him good night he told me, I sick mommy but you make me better. Melt my heart and while you are at it I'm proud of you for more (baby) steps towards diaper independence day!

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ElizabethS said...

YAY! It's amazing when they tell you they have to go and then they DO. Katie is also under the weather. She has croup so she is at home with Daddy today and Mommy tomorrow while I am supposed to be testing. I'm right there with you!