Monday, May 4, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...

is fodder for a blog post! We had a really great, relaxing, adult time over the long weekend. Instead of a boring day by day here's my random thoughts that occurred at some point of the weekend.

1. How can 4 adults booking tickets NOT realize there was going to be a fight night the VERY night we were there with tickets to a Cirque show.

2. How many Brits wearing Union Jack flags as outfits and cursing at everyone until you want to remind them WE won the War?

3. Are cab drivers required to let on their biases about said Brits in town as being pansy-assed +(insert your choice of homosexual slam here)

4. Maybe spending all of Sunday drinking by the pool wasn't a good idea. I burned my boobs as it was the one place I didn't put sunscreen

5. One can fall asleep in a Casino. I did Sat night around 1 am at Caesars waiting on the group to quit loosing money.

6. Back to #5 the WORST way to wake up in a casino is to a wall size TV advertising Cher and Bette Midler's shows. I have seen Hell and it involves lots of wigs and sequins (and in Cher's case, lack of clothing)

7. Why is that tranny hooker holding an orange? No really, I want to know is something really disturbing about to happen?

8. Winner of "Is She or Isn't She" it's a TIE!!!! Lady wearing a dress everyone in the bathroom did a 180 to gawk at VERSUS the lady who was wearing only a bra and panty set on the street complete with CFM heels. Classy ladies... Pick up your prize of a year's worth of waxing to bare all so shamelessly.

9. Watching the Belligo fountains at sunset over a a great meal with good friends is an awesome way to end a great trip.

I can't wait to read Bill's trip recap. Going to In and Out Burger was his highlight. Seriously, he bought our son a shirt.

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Threeundertwo said...

This is my kind of recap. And I can't believe you fell asleep in a casino! You must have been really tired.