Monday, May 18, 2009

There's a New Sheriff in Town

Dear Sue Stock (the queen of saving money in our local paper),

You may think you are a bad ass saver as shown by your detailed account of your wedding on a shoestring, but girlfriend you have met your equal in the past week in the savings department. Read on and I promise to make you proud oh Thrifty One!

I am coupon queen myself having been raised in a family where my mom's secret Discover card statements were hidden in my pj drawer. I cannot tell you how many times she would drag me to the grocery an hour before they closed as double coupons ended. It evokes memories of that awful game show "Supermarket Sweep".

With that being said I have always found pleasure in working a dollar to maximum value. While I know it the norm these days for many of us, and I am the first to admit the idea of cutting back sucks when you are accustomed to little luxuries in life. In the last few days I have saved money in the following ways that didn't really hurt and actually gave me a little rush!

Plants- $26 off (always go to the farmers market with CASH in hand to bargain)
Eating out- only about $10 but we spent 1/2 of what we normally would. We have a plan to use up our BOGO Citipass book that expires in Dec.
Office Depot- 10.00
Michaels- 4.00 (art supply birthday gift for a upcoming party)
AC Moore- 5.00 (got the motherload of cute animal hat party favors for... and I am almost ashamed to admit this... 80 cents each)

I am even picking up the cake for NHS induction using a coupon tomorrow. So by my calculations I saved the equivalent to a cheap week of groceries or a couple of tanks of gas all by being strategic and planning.

Next up... making a grocery list for Bill (with coupons) hoping he will play how low can we go too.

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Beth said...

Impressive Heather! I am really bad about using coupons--I'll clip them, but leave them at home. Or if I remember to bring them, I'll forget them in the car. Or if they actually make it to my purse or pocket, I forget to get them out at check-out. (Seriously--I have issues.) BUT, at the grocery store, I only buy what's on sale with my grocery store discount card. (I hardly ever pay full price for anything.) And I never buy things that I wouldn't normally buy, just because it's on sale or I have a coupon. And I'm working really hard to use up what's in the freezer, fridge, and pantry before I buy more at the grocery store. It all helps, but if I could just get a handle on coupons, think of how much more I could save! LOL.