Friday, May 31, 2013

Project Runway- An Occasional Friday Series- Girly, Girl dresses

One of the things I love best about warmer weather is summer dresses and skirts.  I'm not much of a girly, girl but I find dresses a way to look polished and elegant in the face of oppressive humidity .  My hair may look like I'm an extra on Soul Train, but dammit I'm not going to be sweating like a Richards Simmons video come August.  I own several dresses already but part of the requirements for the week in DC next month is that anytime we are at the Supreme Court, we have on professional clothing.

Summer in DC = Hot and Humid

Since I didn't want my first impression having me sweating like a sinner in church,  I opted for some sleeveless, shift dresses.  All that can be worn with a cardi if the air conditioning is too cold or I need to cover my arms. I'm the only teacher from all of NC (and only 1 other from the whole South) at the conference, so I feel the need to not look like a redneck likely to ask loudly, "Reckon them judges wear anything under them fancy black robes"  among the other 25 teachers.

Up first, from Talbots,  channeling a little Jackie O with a pearl necklace and earrings.  I wore flats to school but am all over pairing this dress with those awesome  5 inch patent leather wedges from two summers ago. Likely not at the Court, but for a dinner out, oh yes.

Paired with a cropped, magenta jacket gives my normal love of black and white gets a punch of color.

From Kohls on a super sale, as like they almost paid me to take it out of the store good, this navy shift.  The colors are muted and look like a Impressionist painting.   It also packs to the size of a sandwich bag making it a big score for travel this summer. I wore my favorite Kazuri bead set from Kenya that are pewter in color.

I also bought super lightweight linen pants and geometric shirt also from Talbots.  I don't normally shop Talbots, thinking they look matronly and for the over 50 crowd.  I'm going to give them a 2nd look this fall, as the items I've bought are some of my favorites for the season.

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