Wednesday, May 8, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday- SQUEEE!

Date: Last week the US Supreme Court is in session and expected to rule on gay marriage and DOMA

Location:  Georgetown University Law School

Event:  A week long teacher institute on the Supreme Court

Who is going: ME! I was selected for this national program for teachers!!! I'm already going in July to a workshop on the new digital photography collection at the National Archives. This was the cherry on top of  a summer of history geekery.

*Note A reception AT THE SUPREME COURT on our final night. EPIC AWESOMENESS.


Beth said...

ZOMG!!!!! I'm SO excited for you and wish I could be there too. I'll get the pull-out ready! (Or do they put you up in swanky digs for this one? You know--like a dorm room? LOL)


heather v said...

Beth- Our whole group is staying at a hotel on Capitol Hill! I'm considering taking the train up from Raleigh to avoid a $50/day parking fee. I hope I can see you at least once!

Beth said...

You can also park your car at our house and Metro in. Good to have options, right?

Gillian said...

very cool!!! way to go, Heather!