Monday, June 3, 2013


We wrapped up a long week with a picnic on our front porch Friday night.  None of our neighbors were home but Ben and Ian still wanted to play outside. We stayed out until Bill came home around 8:30 with bike  vs scooter races a plenty along with lots and lots of wrestling.

Saturday I took the boys to Cary Dog Days at a nearby local park.  Granted it was hot, but the boys loved watching the dog frisbee contest and just seeing all the dogs in general.  We made a donation to a local charity and got Vegas washed.  We ended up after hitting the playground at the boat dock after stopping for snacks.  A kayaking class was practicing in the water and the boys watched with amazement.  We then had a much longer than expected conversation about why we couldn't take our dog on a paddle boat and we would have to return another day.

Saturday afternoon I took the boys to our neighborhood pool and hit up a couple hours of wearing them down. I think half of Ben's 1st grade class was there for an epic watergun battle.  Saturday night Ben had our neighbor over to spend the night camping on the porch.  This was the first real "sleepover" he has had at the house.  I am NOT that brave mom that hosted a 8 boy sleepover birthday party. Waterslide party with 25 kids, yeah I'm that kind of crazy.  Having 8 boys in the house overnight, not yet.

The boys did well, but got a little freaked out at the noises from all the frogs.  Bill wound up sleeping on the downstairs couch and come morning (like 6 am) both boys were ready to be up.  I'm glad that this weekend again I went to bed both nights really, really early.  I expected Ian to pitch a fit and had planned to make a tent in his room, happily he just went to bed and to sleep almost immediately.

We tried out our new fire pit with roasted Smores after grilling out for dinner.  Having our grill directly hooked into our gas line is super convenient and results of lots of grilled meals all summer long.

Sunday the boys and I did church and then attempted to go to Y camp orientations.  Ian's behavior honestly was so difficult at points of the weekend that I found myself putting myself in time out after putting him in time out (and yes, having to lock him in to stay in time out.)  I was holding trying out the Y pool as leverage to getting him to behave but after 2 times leaving to slip out to control him we packed it up and left.  I went home, put him in time out and then took Ben to our neighborhood pool.   Luckily once, home he had calmed down and after an early bedtime I hit the grocery by myself for some super double coupons.

While not the most exciting of weekends.  I mean really do you need to know I started the week of laundry on Friday night once the boys were in bed, or that it seemed every doorknob was sticky all weekend long or I saved close to 100.00 with my well organized coupon strategy.  It was quiet and not packed with events and frankly what we (ok, me) needed.

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