Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Interruption at the ER

We have a wonderfully, fabulous weekend at the beach.  We had such a good time (and we got there SO late on Thursday night, ) that we opted to stay an extra day.  It was SO what we all needed, especially me!

Key to last night within an hour of being home and the boys were playing outside when Ian fell unto the edge of the construction dumpster outside our neighbor's house.

Result:  a trip to the ER since Urgent Care had just (like within 10 minutes) closed.  Ian did well, given I would have been screaming my head off,. Wait, I think I did like around Thanksgiving last year when I had to have 8 stitches in my finger. He was quiet the whole drive over with Bill applying pressure to a nasty 2 inch cut below his knee.

Five stitches, lots of Lego Ninjago watched on the ipad while waiting later, and some mother's day dinner take-out we were back home, he was asleep in our bed by 10:30.

Poor guy.  The only thing that makes this story better is at least it happened on the end of the weekend filled with waterslides, hours on the beach, and lots of time being silly.  Ian alone ate his weight in ice cream.

Be still my heart Ian, you are a trooper.


Carrie said...

I saw this on FB! So sorry he had to get stitches :( Still sounds like an awesome Mother's Day weekend besides the little injury!! :) Happy Mother's Day!

Gillian said...

Ouch!! and AWWW to the picture of the two of you! Hope he is feeling okay!