Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random act of Mother's Day kindness

Last night I had the chance to see Raleigh's first Listen to Your Mother presentation with some friends.  How awesome to hear 15 local women share their stories.  Each of the short essays covered a facet of motherhood, from babyhood to sending your child off into the world.  I can honestly say that I took something away from every lady (and the solo, ballsy man) who spoke.

My friend offered me tissues, which of course I proclaimed that I wouldn't need.  *Note- for more that one essay I was brushing back tears. Dammit!  Being a mom has been the highest of highs in the last seven years, but also the lowest of lows.  So many of the pieces echoed the exhaustion and bliss that coincided during these few, short years.

I'm heading out to drive the boys to the beach for an overnight trip to the indoor waterslide resort we visited in January.  On the agenda:  eating the Krispy Kremes, eating Sugar Mama cupcakes, popcorn and chips. This would be breakfast, folks.  We plan to hit the waterslides, walk on the beach, dig in the sand.  Basically, I plan to wear the boys, as well as myself out being silly and playing.

On the way home to pick up the kids I left some flowers I arranged for a friend experiencing the first mother's day without her mom. Last year Ben and I honored my mom by completing some random acts of kindness such as volunteering at our local animal shelter and food bank.  It did my soul good to honor her through giving. This year I'm getting time with my boys, the sand on my feet, and when I return picking up this framed piece for my wall.

A very happy (early) mother's day.  May your day be joy filled with goodness.

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