Thursday, May 2, 2013

You Go Girl!

I've always thought of some RuPaul expression or some sketch from 1980s In Living Color every time I heard this phrase.  Frankly if you use this phrase in my presence, expect to be heckled.

Somehow it seems fitting to express how much you should see the new documentary Film Girl Rising. My documentary film buddy mentioned to me when went to the Duke Documentary Film Series last month that we should make it a monthly get together and see something.  We've been making a list of films to see.  She brought up Girl Rising to kick off our tiny film club.

Just as I hoped, there was an almost packed theater of mothers (a few dads) and daughters (and yes a few, uncomfortable looking sons) in the audience.  The movie doesn't say something that hasn't already been said about the plight of women in the developing world.  The stories cover child brides, denied access to education, poverty, bonded servitude, and sexual assault. What makes this movie different is the appeal children-friendly graphics and storytelling to relay each of the the stories. Even the topic of rape was handled in a 'tween friendly way.

Girl Rising made me think of what I already came away with in Kenya, that education is the ticket to a better life. Consider making Girl Rising on your short list of things to watch either with your older children or with family.  It may be a repeated story, but one still important to hear.  


LauraC said...

You know I love me some documentaries so I am all over it!

Gillian said...

I guess I never told you the time that I gave birth to Leo and the super annoying nurse said, "You go girl! You go girl! You go girl!" the ENTIRE time!