Friday, May 24, 2013

The bastard of school supplies: Glitter

Yesterday my US History classes put up a hall way long review covering the entire course.  I am super proud of their work and effort, especially since in the last days of school motivation is hard to come by for anyone.  I brought in a cart full of materials to be used including paint, markers, and yes the bastard of school supplies, GLITTER.  
After the final class was finished I heard over the annoucements as lunch was starting, "would the teacher working with students in the 2700 hall please contact the office." As much as we did clean up there was quite a bit of glitter in the hallway.  I think it was worth explaining the mess given the final product. 

Happy 3 day weekend.  On tap at Casa Vinson:  finishing porch plant buying and mondo amounts of yardwork, a cook out with friends, finish painting two chairs for the backyard, and heading to the NC Zoo before the weather is too hot.  

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