Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Want to See It, Wear It, Read It, Eat It

I'm waaay behind on reading and esp commenting on blogs but I so loved a recent post on Carrie's summer To-do list that included a Mom column.

It got me thinking that while we have knocked out a few items like camping and smores off our summer list, ours is understandably kid focused.

So how about a short list in this summer of moving for some things I really want to do by summer end.

1. Keep the Couch to 5k ReStart outside heat/humidity version going. What a difference non-treadmill exercise adds for endurance. Ask me how excited I am about 3 miles of park that run through our new neighborhood along with easy access to a local greenway.

2. Find some cute summer shoes. I went shoe shopping while in FL. I tried on at least 20 pairs of wedges thinking about how cute they would look. Maybe it's just me but they just looked so not right. Ideas? I really want to pull off this style before it passes on and we are back to crazy pointed toe ankle boots in gold lame. Last night I came across these. LOVE them. Really would anyone even notice your outfit with these beauties on? I think not.

3. While we are on clothing, I want a cute sundress. Not all frilly eyelet lace or over the top girly, just pretty, cool for our humid days, and something if possible with a cap sleeve to hide my lunchroom lady arms. So far nothing really looks right. I am shopping challenged and I admit it. Internet ordering has shamed me into not actually shopping in stores.

4. Eat or Drink it. I love, love, love cold summer drinks. With spirts or without, nothing is better on a crazy hot day. I found a couple of cute ideas to try like this ice cream cake made from ice cream sandwiches with the boys from Real Simple.

5. Farmers Markets- Love them. Meeting up with a friend today for a basket of NC goodness (and some kick butt biscuits.) I will be recreating this summer veggie crepes with my loot today. Filling: zucchini, corn, green beans, ricotta cheese and chive cream sauce. Farmers Market on a plate I tell you.

6. Movies- I must see Bridesmaids as I want in on this conversation. Can just one more person ask if I have seen it and then shake their head mentioning, "raunchy comedy, why were you not first in line?" Hangover 2, while panned, is still a date night option and then there's Super 8. I must see this on a big screen. So jealous of anyone who has seen this already. Too bad we have kids that keep us prisoners like North Korean hostages on Friday nights.

7. Reading- Started our July book club book last night. Short stories: always good for those with the limited attention span. While on vacation I am finally going to start the Stig Larsson trilogy. Even if I am the last person on Earth to read them I must finish if I have any intention of see the Christmas release of Hornets Nest (have watched and re-watched the trailer several times and I am impressed with the casting alone.)

Not a mention of old house woes, moving stress, or kid-free list. Seven things in the next 2 months. Totally can do this.


LauraC said...

I have a huge batch of this in my freezer:



I saw Bridesmaids and you will love it.

Beth said...

Love it, Heather! I'm so with you on #3. I suck at shopping! And why don't sun dresses have short sleeves? Anyway, I definitely need to start a new book. Gonna try to grab something to work on while we're on vacation. But I'm pretty sure this will NOT be a relaxing vacation. LOL. That's okay. I booked an overnight trip for Ed in me in August at a winery. Something to look forward to! Off to revise my list now!

Carrie77 said...

Awww! Thanks for the blog mention! I feel so special. :o) I love your list, too! And, Farmers Market is on my list, too! I am going to try to run outside more, too, and the book club sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

Ankle boots and gold lame are both evil! But I love my wedge espadrilles, and I wouldn't mind a pair in that photo. Never heard of Bridesmaids (apparently, I live in a cave) but I saw Super 8 last weekend and it was AWESOME. Also, I'll finally get around to reading the Larsson trilogy waaaaaay after you finish it, I'm sure!

Gillian said...

Great list. Might want to check out boden for sundresses - can be $ but often have many cute options w/ short sleeves.