Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stitches are out!!!

One very happy 3 year old celebrated with a trip for ice cream last night.  Our pediatrician commented that the 5 stitches in his leg looked great and to make sure we heavily sunscreen the area to prevent scaring.  I asked about using some of my leftover silicone scar sheets to help, which she agreed likely would also help but encouraged us to use them at night when he slept.
Ian had chewed out 2 of the 3 stitches in his lip but it had healed well enough that no further action was needed.  Did it help that within 5 minutes of being home the boys were playing basketball and Ben hit Ian in the mouth with the ball by accident?

A little blood, some TLC and a dressing down to Ben to please be careful Ian seems to be back to normal.

That is until we are likely back in urgent care with my little Evil Knievel.

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