Friday, May 17, 2013

Ok, now I get it One Step Ahead!

I used to get the catalogue One Step Ahead.  You know the one that has you convinced you really needed a chair that would convert from high chair to one your 18 year old loves to sit in while she ignores you texting.

This one.

Obviously we needed to purchase the much scoffed knee pad and helmet combo.  You know the one that you wonder what type of overprotective idiot would buy.

Yesterday as I was waiting at Ben's weekly appointment, I was contacted that Ian had run full on into the corner of a outside table at day care.  His mouth was bleeding and he was naturally upset.  Since both our pediatrician and our family doctor has both just closed I headed over to the urgent care we wanted to go to on Sunday.  Unfortunately the pediatric urgent care was closed and we headed to the ER.  Unlike Sunday he was much more upset, and once the doctor looked at his mouth, determined he would need stitches.  She even confirmed a tooth was loose.

Great.  The stitch count for this week will be going up. It appeared he needed 3 stitches in his lip.  Ian had to be immobilized for her to numb him up, this time not with the cream but with a needle. We wrapped him up in a bedsheet like a burrito or like some bad rebirthing scene in a Lifetime movie.  He started screaming even louder as we laid him down.  A nurse immobilized his head and I grabbed his thrashing torso and legs and basically pinned him to the bed.  The whole procedure took less than 5 minutes, but it will filled with sobbing so bad that the doctor had to stop in fear she was going to puncture his lip with the numbing needle.  At point point he started spitting blood, hitting all three of us in the face.  He was more hysterical than I have ever seen him.  Once finished I literally scooped him up and just held him until he stopped sobbing and started telling me to kiss his lip and make it better.

The doctor was so kind and patience,offered him a popcicle, sticker, and trip to the prize drawer.  I happened to notice she had all this stuff about Water for Kenya including a framed tshirt from a recent fundraiser.  Lo and behold if she doesn't go to Crosspointe AND is on the 2013 summer medical team.

Ian finally was calm enough to walk to the car.  He even was hungry enough to eat a decent, soft foods dinner, and happily went to bed with a dose of Motrin.  I expected that by morning he will look like Mike Tyson got the better of him.  Wait, didn't he bite an ear, not a lip?  Whatever, this week can suck it.

Poor, poor Ian to now have 8 stitches from head to toe.  The silver lining is that he can get both sets of stitches out on the same day next week.  Thank God for small miracles.  The miracle being 3 years on this Earth without a ER visit, broken bones, or stitches.   We have somehow managed to break our own record in 4 days.

By the way, as I was looking up the illustrious "noggin and knee protector" the only example I could find was this.  Obviously I am WAAAAY wrong about the popularity of those wanting to shrink wrap their kids.

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LauraC said...

I bet I know who bought the helmet.... just saying.

You should have said yes to Gonza soup!!