Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wrap it Up- January 2012

A quick wrap up on meeting 2012 goals posted earlier this month.

Family- more time spent on weekends. Weeknights continue to be a sprint to get everything finished and the kids in bed to maximize sleep given the early wake up. I've been experimenting with getting the kids in reverse order. It is an hour and fifteen min from leaving work to home door to door. With more light before dinner we are trying as many nights as possible to get home in time for 30 mins of outside playtime with our neighbors.

Time- I am making an earnest effort to be on time, esp for work. Having a 1st period class makes me leave without trying to do one more thing. I'm also routinely putting appointments in with a buffer of time. While not perfect I'm really trying on this goal.

As far as over-extending myself, I have not taking on anything else not already committed as of 12/31 with the exception of one commitment church related. It's around 20 hours over the next couple of months and what I hope will be time well spent in prep for the Africa trip.

First of many planning sessions last night. Saw amazing, amazing pictures of the families, the kids, the leadership, the school and church, the hotel with cold water only :)

Exercise- I've really stuck to not doing anything until released due to the infection, sheer exhaustion, and trying to be a good patient and not cheat doing something that will prolong my recover. In the past couple of weeks I've added more frequent dog walks as well as adding back time on the treadmill very slowly.

Sleep- Going to bed crazy early by my standards, weekends included. Major, major difference for my recovery and also in general well being. A real, real effort here for this year and for a permanent change.

February on the horizon with a bumped from Thanksgiving family beach trip over a long weekend, a ramped up effort to get the Kenya trip off the ground with my team and for me personally on the fundraising front, try to finish another couple of books over watching mindless tv at night, continued effort to get out of the house each week for a couple of hours with friends, deadline for making the call about whether to put in a transfer request for schools, and overall keep the positive changes going and continue to work on those that need attention (ahem... keep trying to be on time.)

While another 11 months to go, January was marked by some ever so small seeds being planted and not neglected.

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Carrie77 said...

After reading you and Laura's January wrap up posts, I must do one now :) Love to hear the process you are making.