Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Plan a Birthday Party- By Ben age 5

From Ben upon waking up around 6 am.

"Mommy, you need to go outside (the house). Daddy, Ian and I need to hide and yell surprise, 'cause that's what you do on birthdays."

We wrapped up a family dinner with a cake selected by Ben and eaten on Transformer party plates. To say Ian enjoyed the cake was an understatement

At bedtime I asked to read our favorite book, The Kissing Hand snuggled with the boys in bed.

Thanks family and friends for your kind thoughts and wishes yesterday. I smiled reading your sweet comments both here and on FB thinking about where in my life I know you.

37 is looking good already.

And if I didn't need someone to add to the sweetness, check out Motherhood Uncensored thoughts on Jan. 19th, 2047 and try not to want to hug your kids an extra time.

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Gillian said...

happy belated birthday, Heather!!! Looks like you had a great celebration!