Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Goals- Exhibit D (Final) "Use the fancy glasses"

I never got around to finishing or posting the final day of 2012 goals Friday. Needless to say a full day back at work post-op was met with lots of craziness and exhaustion.

Last week I covered most all of the main categories for 2012 Goals/non-resolutions (fitness, family, time). To wrap up here is a short list of the other goals: Read 30 books, raise all $3,500 cost of my August Kenya Mission trip, Update/get lost on GoodReads/Pinterest, walk the dog more often, be more appreciative of the small things (from Bill especially), keep monthly date nights going (with Bill, Ben and add time alone with Ian), take a basic sewing class, replace my wardrobe slowly and with guidance, practice grace and humility daily, make better use of iPhone apps to simplify life, catch up with both high school and college friends over the summer for reunions, plan a weekend trip with Bill, consider saying yes to a friend's 6-woman marathon team in fall (will need to build back up to a solid 5 mile run again post surgery), seriously consider getting ride of the 30+ year curly in place of permanently straight hair, keep up last year's theme of being enough is all I need to be.

With that my biggest goal for 2012 is to use the fancy glasses.

Meaning: don't wait to do, say, ask, plan, speak what is on your mind. Today may be your only chance to thank someone, pay them a compliment that they carry all day, share a secret, pass on a random act of kindness, take the time to actually listen without talking/judging, analyzing, and to find any and all reasons to pull out your best glasses and use on a daily basis.

All all the re-dos I want for last year it was one conversation, the last with my mom. If I take nothing else into this new year (already) full of opportunity is to not have regret for a chance I didn't take.

Instead of checking back towards the end of month on what got done on the almighty golden to-do list in the sky instead I am going to check back on this list of goals. Some quantifiable, but so many just in the way the day unfolds and choosing to say yes to the courage of new opportunities and paths.


Carrie77 said...

Are you thinking of going straight? Permanently is the only way I could do it. It just takes way too long to flat iron my curls in the morning, I'd have to get up at 4am to do it! lol!

Heather V said...

Yes- thinking of investing in a keratin treatment. Had my stylist go ahead and cut my hair to get it ready to try sometime this spring to try since I have lots of layers to grow out first.

Posted the same pic on facebook for comments and overwhelmingly I think this is a change to try.

Beth C. said...

Wow! I have just finished reading your 2012 Goals and I am impressed!! You have inspired me to put some real though into what I would like to accomplish in 2012 and what I DONT want to accomplish in 2012. Thanks for the food for thought and maybe I'll even write them in a blog :).

BTW...The straight hair is a gorgeous change to go with your rockin new body.