Friday, January 13, 2012

An Occational Friday 2012 Series- Project Runway

As I listed in my 2012 goals, replacing my wardrobe to match a post surgery body is really not just a goal but a reality. I've already had one situation where the shorts I was wearing recently to walk the dog nearly slid off mid walk.

Wardrobe malfunction, you betcha. Nice if you were a motorist passing by wondering if nudity is a HOA violation.

Last summer when I was shopping for something to wear to my sorority reunion a friend offered to do some online leg work and sent me several ideas. She has impeccable taste and can make even a white t-shirt and jeans rock like nobody's business.

She told me that she was putting a list of wardrobe basics that would allow me to replace my closet without breaking the bank.

Super Score. Super Friend.

I told her before she offered to look at what I currently have and can wear, that I needed to do a massive closet clean out. Before the house move I took a truckload of already too big clothes to a local charity that supports a women's shelter. I've never in my life seen anyone happy to get size large size professional clothes.

At this point all current pre-pregnancy pants/skirts do not fit and I have bought a few staple items in the 12 I am currently wearing (grey cords, herringbone trousers, a pair of jeans). Paired with a lent cargos and black pants I have enough to get through a work week with the existing shirts/blouses I have.

I hope once the swelling goes completely down to be a 10. A size I have not been since I was in Jr. High. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to shop in regular stores after so many years shopping with limited options.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to encourage me to wear less black (no less than 10 blacks solid tshirts/sweaters) as part of my go-to summer or winter uniform.


Carrie77 said...

How exciting!! You are going to love having a new wardrobe in your new size. That is great you have a friend that is so fashion savvy. One site that I really love right now is Shade. Its sort of casual to business casual. A little pricey but they had a 50% off everything on Black Friday. Have fun!

Kim said...

Add more color...duly noted :)

Beth C said...

Love that your big heels made this pic!!!