Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 Weeks Post-Op Super Short Summary

Say that like 3 times fast.

As of yesterday I am four weeks out from surgery and am back later today for a incision check.

The short version is I'm doing well healing up with the exception of one area where the vertical and horizontal incisions meet. Of my 31 inches of incisions that have to be taped and medicated everyday only about 5 are not healing as quickly.

Coughing and laughing are much easier but still hurt if it is prolonged. Good thing that most all the funny movies Bill and I have been lounging watching have not brought the funny (not even Hangover 2 although expectations were low going in).

The results are tear invoking amazing. Despite looking like I need a pole being WAAAAY out of proportion on top this was a good call even with the pain and post surgery nastiness I cannot even begin to tell you how much I'm glad I did this surgery. So much so that I have already scheduled the 2nd and final surgery for March 27th.

Same expected 2-3 recoup time over spring break. Why not wait?

1. I am ready to be done and after seeing the results I want to just be finished and healed up.
2. Compresison garments worn 24/7 afterwards for up to 3 months= uber hot. Have you been to the south in the summer?
3. Want to limit new scaring to direct sunlight. I'm already need to be pasty train but I also want to take the boys to the pool as much as possible.
4. Clothes- waiting on swelling to do down to really start replacing, but to be able to buy dresses or frankly pants that really fit I need to do the other procedures first.

The best outcome outside of the physical appearance has been having to slow down to rest, as in taking a nap daily before getting the kids. I swear I have taken more naps in the past 30 days than I have in the last 10 years.

I plan to keep a good thing going with coming home walking the dog, napping, and prepping dinner going as I start into spring semester next week. I feel amazing on just about all levels.

As far as working out and adding more intense exercise back? I still can't totally extend my arms and walking dog a couple of miles daily is enough for now.

You can bet that once I can get my elliptical and boxing love back on I will, just in due time.


Saving it for the birthday post tomorrow.

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Kara said...

Glad to hear the healing is going pretty smoothly! Happy early birthday! Can't wait to see pictures!