Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More than lip service support

Bad, Bad teacher to forget the working on the Obama re-election campaign is a goal for 2012. In by working I mean more than here's my $ and slapping a magnet on my car.

I was having this conversation with a friend about the re-electability of incumbent presidents, namely Obama and made the statement,

"the zenith of his presidency happened on his Inauguration, everything from there on was going to be a fight just to be re-elected"

As I was standing in the freezing cold in that moment of history in DC in 2009 I had so much hope that Congress would cooperate, there would be a refocus on domestic over foreign policy, and hopes that the baby steps needed to repair the economy would start with Obama.

Sadly my expectation that so many people who voted for this president expected a miracle worker with a return to the salad days immediately with a new President in office.

No. Didn't think this at all, given the compromise needed to simply function day to day and get even a iota of your proposed agenda passed.

While not all decisions have I supported, I can tell you I stand by my vote and know that a re-election is going to be difficult. My friend and I have pledged to be involved with our local office to canvas, phone bank, or simply do more than just lip service support on this campaign.

I don't plan for this to take oodles of my time, but I feel very strongly that if I stand on the sides expecting others to build a re-election campaign the odds are I'm going to be left on election day disappointed.

The NH primary is today, or as I like to call it "who can pledge they do more justice to an LL Bean catalogue cover". Not surprisingly I have been following the election and while my Civics class is coming to a close, I will totally take it as positive that on the night of the Iowa returns last week in came the following FB message, "Mrs. Vinson, you are the reason I am still watching this at 1 am"


Bring it Election 2012. Next up SC primary where any and all Republican front-runners are going to claim that Jesus is their BFF.

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Beth said...

I was in New Hampshire 12 years ago, working for Gore. I worked phone banks and did lit drops all over the place. I had to answer phone calls for a few hours for the deputy communications director--that was big league! Can't believe it's been that long. I OD'd on political activism and then completely burned out after the 2000 fiasco. Can you blame me? Every now and then I get the itch, though--at least on the local level. Can't wait to hear about how you pitch in. The fact that you're educating a new generation of citizens is contribution enough, you know. Inspire those kiddies to vote when they turn 18 and you will have done MORE than enough!