Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Goals- Exhibit A, you can body check me for repeat offending

I'm kicking off a week of goals not resolutions for 2012. I really liked Simple Mom's Ideas about resolutions (again this year). She strives for Excellence not Perfection, so I am going to put out there my ideal and my satisfied for Body related goals for 2012.

-Return as I can (safely) to exercise. In an ideal world I would love to pull 20 miles/5 hours per week but I will be satisfied with 15 and 4. Would love to include a 5k in 30 mins as well as trying some new types outside of my faithful elliptical.

-Sleep. Yet again old friend. But I am going to throw in adding a bedtime routine that does not include the 10 o'clock nap to keep working late, sleeping in nasty gym clothes on the couch for the night, or falling sleep while talking to a student on the phone (really, it happened, more than once).

Bedtime routine to include pjs, washing my face and moisturizer so a face lift is not on my plastic surgery punch list, and remembering to take nighttime meds. Time to read without falling asleep with the book on my face = bonus points. Perfection all work nights, Excellence is making any type of change that sticks to nothing less than my magic 6 hours.

-Eat healthier by pre-planning meals for me and the family. Perfection- Weeknights and packed lunches/snacks for the boys Excellence- Make some type of lasting change that results in me maintaining this new weight and the family eats with intention not out of hectic, non healthy defaults.

***Note that while I've been doing some clean out of stuff from my mom's house I came upon the following Goals from 6th grade, note that sleep is on there, as is being on time***

How about in this year strive to just make meeting the excellence and by year end be satisfied with progress.


Carrie77 said...

Getting up on time. Oh, would I love to be able to manage that one!

Beth said...

You sound so good Heather! I've been following along with you, but not commenting. But just wanted to say how awesome I think you are. I'm so glad you're recovering well and feeling stronger every day. Can't wait to see you in 2012! And I love the excellence and perfection comparison. I plan to re-read that post by Simple Mom, btw. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support. Looking forward to seeing how 2012 turns out for both of us!