Friday, January 27, 2012

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Since I updated on Ben earlier this week how about Ian?

So what's up with my 21 month old fearless flier

How about finally more words: shoes, socks, Veg-hus (our dog), attempts at "Ben", and a total of about 30 discernible words. Daycare reported his first two word sentence, "more juice" last week. While he is still behind the curve in speech for age or even based on Ben at the same age, being in childcare is helping the language explosion over the last months.

We opted to wait until his 18 month check up to make the call about a speech evaluation. Most worries were set aside when more and more words kept coming and if needed we will move to a full on evaluation by his 24 month check up.

He follow directions well about sitting to eat, handing items back when asked, will bring his coat and shoes when time to leave and attempt to dress himself. Thank you day care for honest to God being in loco parentis.

Ian is a great kid. Yeah.. like we all think that our kids are awesome. I'm guilty as charged.

His belly-laugh (and squeal/shriek/yell) that fills the room, my car, his room at times to sleep are evidence of a happy child. He loves bath time, esp when soaking the floor is an option. His nightly wrestling with Ben demonstrates he might just be Macho Man Randy Savage in the making. Sadly, he can hold his own to a kid 20 lbs heavier.

Did I mention this kid is fearless in the running dept. Enter sometime in the past couple of weeks at daycare pick up. Ian broke free escaping towards the parking lot. Just when I thought in my current "running hurts like hell" state cornered him, he took off in the opposite direction.

I'm sure the daycare directors has a good laugh watching me play toddler Frogger on the outside surveillance cameras. Ben has started playing the let me protect my brother card by tackling Ian mid run.

Ian is full on in the throws of toddlerhood fearlessness, self-centeredness, obstinance, and did I mention refusal to do just about anything not on his radar.

The reality is that I see the bigger picture, the one from 30,000 feet. The one where age 21 months turns into 2, or riding the bus to kindergarten, or eventually leaving the the driveway on the way to college before I can blink. So many days amid the chaos I have to tell myself that one day I will do anything for an hour to have them at this age again. I believe that time is called "grandchildren."

So while most of my sad iPhone pictures these days are blurry due to motion of a moving child, Laura did capture this out take while she was setting up our holiday family shoot.

Think he might be planning the downfall of society or just an escape plan based on how far his roly-poly toddler body can run?

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