Thursday, January 19, 2012

Party Like its 1999, or Maybe 2012

40-3 = is the new 20 (to me at least)

Last year on my birthday I posted my Mondo List. Taking a quick look back in the past year some dreams were achieved, others in continual development, others need retooling.

Looking back during my 36th trip around the sun:

I lived a healthy life filled with movement, found more time to spend with my family, made positive work related decisions, found a church home, made a final decision about being a +2 or more, moved forward with planed surgery, contributed to our children's college funds, trained and ran a race for Ian's 1st birthday, met up with old high school and college friends while continuing to strive to be a listening participant and cultivate the relationships I cherish.

Other less quantifiable goals like encouraging our boys to live unabashedly bravely or seeking out grace and humility in hopes the same will return is an ongoing quest.

I can honestly say that I look forward to what is unfolding this year and hope by the next birthday to say that the choices I made, the time I spent, and relationships tended mattered.

While I am not rolling out new goals today, but rather want to continue to cultivate the list by continuing to live a life with purpose and intention.

Happy 37th and as promised yesterday a picture


LauraC said...

Happy birthday Heather!!

Carrie77 said...

Happy Birthday! And... wow. You look AMAZING! So, so excited for you! My Mondo list has gotten be to great places, too! Have a wonderful day!

Beth C. said...

That picture has got to be the BEST birthday present ever!! You look AMAZING!!!

Kara said...

Wow, you look great!

Ashley Baker said...

Happy Birthday Heatha! WOW, look at you!! Can't wait to see you again this summer!

Anonymous said...

Your blog inspires me! makes me laugh and cry and i am so happy for you! good work! alison minnis lupo

Goddess in Progress said...

Been meaning to comment. I hope you had a great birthday, and that photo is one big BOOYAH. You are so awesome.