Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Goals- Exhibit B, The one where my friend had a flat tire and still arrived before me

True story: was meeting a friend for lunch when even after having a flat tire she still made it to the restaurant before me.

That is the very definition of late. I am the butt of my own joke that if you tell me a time to meet, add 30 mins.

So for the first time ever I am going to put Time as a whole category as a goal. Again, I know that I'm setting myself up for failure it I rigidly say I'll just be on time all year and time's twin brother, " I won't overstretch myself on time commitments."

Yeah. Sure. Repeat offending before you likely get to the end of this post.

So in keeping with the Perfection vs Satisfied plan I detailed yesterday I'm applying to how I use my time in 2012

1. Being on time: Perfection-Consistently be on time for work, leave work and get the kids before the 5 pm traffic rush, be on time for meeting people, be on time for appointments.

Satisfied- Make any real change that lasts to include consistently planning cushion time to get out of the house. This includes not adding extra tasks thinking it will take just a minute to finish. The minute becomes 15 and the start to my spiral into lateness.

2. Overextending myself- I feel like I make strides in this dept in 2011. As someone who literally has done nothing for either job while out with this recovery be proud. No really, I didn't even want to do anything and more importantly didn't feel guilty that I was letting anyone down. I asked for help from dept members to help cover my classes and told people that was not available until 1/9. It has felt wonderful and freeing. And repeatable.

One of the biggest and hardest lessons I have learned in the past year is that work is not worth.

I've even go as far as it took a jaw-dropping sermon in which I have too long equated my personal contribution as a wife, parent, friend, employee with what I can accomplish had been called out.

This was sit in the car for like 30 mins after the service unable to drive home thinking about this issue called out or better yet was screaming at me.

The seed of what would you do with that time you are currently spending on stuff I don't need to be doing got planted. And grew. Grew. GREW.

I actually compiled a list of what I do with more time including: Doing absolutely nothing and not feel unproductive.

So for as much as I love the satisfaction of a to-do list mark-off I can tell you in 2012 my priority is doing less in every aspect of my life. I even abandoned a 2011 goal to list what I hoped to do by month end when I realized with the house move that I had to pare down my focus or I was going to loose my mind.

The perfection would be to not go back to additional jobs, not take on any other commitments that I am already starting with on 1/1, not negotiate with myself that I need to prove that I can do everything and not pay the price in the end.

The Satisfaction is to again make real change by not doing or taking on new tasks in 2012. This also includes planning down time then not feeling an iota of guilt that I was unproductive.

This is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE goal. Note that I don't think I have ever put "be on time as well as be lazy" as a goal and actually made it out of a week before breaking it.

***I happen to meet up with that same friend today and lo and behold I was 10 mins early****

Even she asked if being on time was some type of 2012 resolution.



LauraC said...

I love this for you Heather. I spent two weeks thinking about 2012 over break. I am so torn. I want to do less but I also want to pursue this crazy photography dream. Those two goals do not go hand in hand with each other. Lots more thinking to do.

Karen said...

I found your blog through Beth and Laura and really enjoy reading it. I love your goals. I am always late to everywhere too because I am always trying to do just one more thing.